On this page you will find information on various courses and options open to our students.

Apprenticeship Broker

Abbie Cerchi visits our school every Friday during term time, and students may book in to see her at the front office.

VET (Vocational Education and Training)

You will also find articles and information relevant to students who are interested in VET courses.

Students interested in pursuing a VET course should see Senior Leader Mrs Povey, our VET Coordinator.Regional VET courses are selected during Term 3.

2017 VET Information

The 2017 course handbook is now available on our website http://training.vetnetwork.org.au/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/Course-Handbook-WEB-2017-1.pdf

This year based on feedback, we have incorporated more course information into the handbook so this can be used as a complete tool for students who are considering VET. Due to this change and the increase in the size of the booklet, we won’t be printing copies off to give to schools to pass onto students as we have done in the past but rather would like them to be directed to the online link where they can download the latest copy, this will ensure students are accessing the most current information on courses.   Individual information sheets are also available on our website http://training.vetnetwork.org.au/2017-courses/, with the exception of a few that are in the process of being negotiated. If you cannot find the information you are looking for please contact Mrs Povey VETnetwork have a number of new and exciting courses on offer in 2017, some of which include:
·         Certificate III in Micro Business
·         TI Essentials
·         Screen Media
·         Innovative Digital Art
·         Recreational Pilots License
·         Certificate III in Dental Assisting
·         Certificate II in Electro technology
·         Certificate II in Nail Technology2017

Course Price List and Information  2017 VET Price List and Course Information

2017 Enrolment Form  2017 VET Enrolment form

Published on Thursday, 11 February 2016 Written by Michelle Povey

Food Processing Trade Training Centre & Home Economics

(Part) Certificate 2 in Food Processing

This exciting course enables students to complete competencies from the Food Processing Certificate. This full year course provides training in diverse food processes involved in the production of a range of gourmet foods as reflected in local industries of the Adelaide Hills. This includes baking breads, food preservation including fruit leathers, pickling, making sauces and jams, smallgoods which involves making sausages, hamburgers, and knife sharpening. Students will learn the correct process to make chocolates, confectionery and also cheese making. Students wishing to complete a Certificate 2 in Food Processing need to complete the bakery course at Birdwood the following year.

A Front of House short course was available during term 3.

The Home Economics students haven’t been left out of the mix either, from Master Classes and Home Economics Classes for Year 8s, up to Year 12s learning how to plan, cook and present varied menus for their peers.

Published on Thursday, 11 February 2016 Written by Brian Lawlor

Engineering TTC

The Birdwood engineering program began in 2002. Students use a range of industrial equipment from welders, lathes, surface grinders & milling machines to develop a range of skills which will prepare them for future employment in the engineering industry. All students complete a series of work placements to enhance their skillbase.

Courses have been developed to improve training and employment opportunities for students who wish to explore a career in the manufacturing and engineering industries.

The training is delivered by a fully qualified tradesperson in an engineering training centre, including industry standard equipment and the latest in simulated welding technology.

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